20 Criminal Cases Solved By Using Facebook [Infographic]

The odds are pretty much in my favor when I say that you are on Facebook at this very moment. There are over 750 million people registered on Facebook, and it keeps growing rapidly. When the curve will start to stagnate is of course impossible to say, especially when Facebook has shown us all that their incredible march forward is constantly boosted with new features and redesigns being rolled out on a pretty much monthly basis. With a growing community, if you can even call it that anymore, Facebook has become a huge arena for crimes, slander and bullying. But as an active engine, it has also come to work against this, and with time, new features will limit and weed out these perpetrators.

As a matter of fact, Facebook has served as a quick justice service when it comes to crimes. In a new infographic from Criminal Justice Degrees Guide called 20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook, we get to look at a few cases that were solved by using Facebook as its main evidence source. I wouldn’t be surprised if every child will get a mandatory Facebook account when they are born so that the government can track their every step through life in order to keep them in check and inside the boundaries of the law. It’s a scary thought; however, a very legitimate one I suppose.

I am struck by how evil some people can be, and even how stupid they are. A few of these stories are just heartbreaking, so I advice you to take a deep breath before you start reading through some of these horrific crimes. If there was only something we all could do to stop this madness. This battle is all about awareness, and how we all react to deeds like these. Facebook has a lot of shadowy sides, but a good one is that these people were brought to justice just because the crimes they committed were exposed on Facebook. Sometimes social media can serve a bigger purpose, but at the same time, some of these crimes would never have been committed if it wasn’t for social media. There’s a dark side to everything I guess.

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Header Image: [Franco Bouly]