3 Advantages Of Using Auto-Comment On Facebook

The world of social media is constantly developing, and social media managers can do nothing but keep up with the latest updates. Some ways of interacting with followers do not seem to work any longer or are just obsolete and drive zero results. People working on social media tactics need to come up with some new ideas all the time, otherwise, they may be taken over by their competitors.

There are hundreds of ideas being tested my social media marketers all over the world, and one of them is auto comment on Facebook. What should you know about it and how can it help your brand? Is it worth using, or is it just another social media buzzword? Let’s find out.

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What Is Auto-Comment On Facebook?

First of all – it is not used for spam. Auto comment on Facebook is used by brands for quick reaction and interaction with followers. Whenever a particular user writes about a selected situation, they can be given the auto comment answer in seconds. For example, if you organize a competition and someone asks about terms and conditions, the auto comment can do the work for you. This way, you can increase the quality of your community management.

Advantages Of The Facebook Auto Commenter

There are many pros of using this kind of solution for your Facebook profiles, but let us list just three of them below.

Auto Comment On Facebook Increases Customer Satisfaction

If you use auto comment on Facebook and you get all of the sequences and messages right, your potential clients and followers can be happier with customer service that you provide on social media. The auto comment feature won’t make all of the magic for you but can help you maintain contact with any follower while you are looking for a more specific piece of information to come back to them with. For instance, someone is asking about prolonging their insurance arrangements. While you are checking all of the conditions for that person, auto-comment can thank them for their comment and kindly ask to wait for the direct contact from your side. Simple as that.

Auto Commenter Supports Building Relations

Auto comments can be used for customer service purposes, but they will also play a crucial role in completing marketing goals. If your KPI is to grow engagement rate and the quality of engagement, auto comment can definitely help you accomplish this mission. Creating a kind of “engagement loop” can help you gain more comments and reactions from your target groups. Before you start, though, make sure that you are well prepared for such growth, and that your messages sound just right.

Automatic Comments Help Avoid Social Media Crisis

The term “social media crisis” electrifies many social media marketers who are scared of any dramas on social media profiles they manage. With auto comment, you can avoid social media crisis or at least minimize its negative effects, since you can answer many people at the same time. This is one of the most popular ways to use auto comment on Facebook by social media managers.

How To Choose Facebook Automation Tool?

Finding an auto commenter tool is not rocket science – finding a good one is. You need to check out whether the app is certified as Facebook Business Partner (and therefore is safe to use). Also, you should identify whether you need a specific social media tool just for automating comments, or for complex social media management. For example, NapoleonCat offers this feature, along with user-friendly social media scheduling, intuitive analytics, and reports as well as a special social media inbox that can be used for community management. If you are not convinced that this kind of tool is needed in your organization, you can always give it a go during the free trial.


Auto-comment on Facebook can definitely help achieve your business goals quicker while maintaining great relations with your target groups. If you struggle with driving the desired engagement rate, this solution is perfect for your brand.

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