3 Possible Reasons Why People Are Ignoring Your Tweets

There are so many people getting on Twitter these days, and more and more are either learning the beauty of Twitter or getting frustrated with it. The majority of the people I know jump on the bandwagon without any idea about what to expect or any idea of what to do on the social networking platform. They join Twitter because their friends are hooked on the site, or they have heard that it is one of the biggest trends in social media.

People get frustrated most especially when they see that the people they follow are all engaging and conversing. They follow people who get retweeted or who get a lot of recommendations, but they feel like their tweets are getting ignored or they don’t get any reaction whatsoever. Well, we all started out that way. For me, over time I have learned from the people who have been on Twitter for longer periods of time, which has helped me get my tweets heard. I would like to share some of the possible reasons why your tweets are being ignored.

Reason #1 You may not be following the right people or vice versa – You may tweet interesting links, but if the people you are following and those following you are not in your niche, your tweets could get ignored. There are many ways for you to correct this. You can check who your followers are and share what they are interested in, or, you can also try to tweet varied content. The most effective way is to really find people in your niche, that way you are assured that your voice is being heard.

Reason #2 You may be lacking in consistency – This is tricky, but there is a solution. Some of us may have the luxury of having more time to use Twitter than others. For those who do not, you can actually set a time for yourself to tweet. What is important is that you give an allotted amount of time to engage with the people who follow you and those you follow. It is only through your consistent tweeting and interacting that will allow you to build relationships.

Reason #3 You may be just speaking and not listening enough – Twitter may be an online tool, but it is also a medium of communication. When you communicate, two actions are involved, listening and speaking. Make sure you reply and share, converse and engage. They are people behind the avatars. When they speak you need to learn to listen as well. As the saying goes, do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.

Twitter is a fun social networking platform. You have the chance to really get to know wonderful people that you can learn from and share your opinions with everyday. So maximize the time you have on there, and try to avoid the possible reasons above to ensure a more productive and enjoyable experience on Twitter.

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