5 Killer Ways To Rock Instagram For Business [Infographic]

In order for a company to break through the noise in today’s social media landscape, it’s necessary to be creative and dedicated. You have to have a good idea and an iron will to succeed if you are going to make things happen. At the same time, the line between failure and success is silky thin. It is said that in order to succeed, you have to fail a hundred times or you won’t understand what success is when you have reached it. But just because you are supposed to fail, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed earlier in my opinion. Doing things right isn’t hard if you have the knowledge and skills before you actually try. Take Instagram for example. These 5 killer tips might help you succeed as a brand before you have to fail, if that makes sense.

Yup, that is exactly what this article is all about. Instagram has become a huge foundation for companies to promote their products and services on. If you do it right, and maybe use these 5 killer Instagram tips, you will have a huge customer base to gain. I can’t stress enough that promotion on social media is not the same as promotion on your television. You have to be smart and sneaky in order to catch the eyeballs and interest of social media users.

They are no longer just a bunch of curios people trying to find their way. They are actually advanced users in search of optimization and content that will help them progress in their life or work, which is quite similar to what any company is trying their best to achieve. The best promotion is the promotion that doesn’t look like promotion. If the user thinks he or she is looking at something creative, newsworthy and funny, chances are they are taking it all in and actually spending time looking at what it is you have shared.

Just sharing a picture of a Volkswagen car for example (if it’s not something out of the ordinary that is) won’t spawn much virility. It also all depends on how close you are to your following, and how much you are able to interact and include your audience in what you are doing. The best way to entice an audience is to make them a part of the whole thing to begin with. That is not easy I admit, but there are ways to do it. Andy MacCarthy has listed 5 of those ways in a pretty interesting and ultimately easy to follow infographic called 5 Ways To Rock Instagram For Companies.

Just having a look through these 5 killer tips should help you a lot. It’s something that every company should do really. When you approach your users with these 5 killer ways, you can’t expect them to immediately jump on your suggestions or ideas. Let them get used to the idea and ease themselves into it. That way, you get dedicated and interested followers that really care about your product or service. Coca Cola, Starbucks and Disney are some of the companies that are doing this great.

Check out these 5 killer tips and let your imagination and creativity free. It’s in there somewhere, and as soon as you let it out, you will see a significant increase in your following’s interaction. Just because you think your brand is awesome, it doesn’t mean everyone else does. They might not even know about it. These 5 killer tips will certainly change that. Go easy, and let people know who you are and what you are there for. Help them share their stuff too, and you will see people coming to your aid as well.

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Via: [visual.ly]