5 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Likes, Retweets & Comments

Social media allows us to interact with so many people from all walks of life everyday, anytime. You can exchange information, greet friends, and even share memories through photo sharing and music. However, I know there are some people who simply wonder why they are not getting any reactions to what they share. What I’m referring to are retweets and @replies on Twitter, and likes and comments on Facebook. You may wonder, is this even important? Well, in some cases it would be great to know if what you say or share is being heard, especially if you are a brand or a service trying to get your message across. Let’s be honest, it’s a good feeling to know that people like and share the things that we put out there because they are the things that interest us.

It’s amazing to me how some people get so many retweets, likes and comments. As they update, people respond in an instant. Did you know that there are no secrets to getting reactions to whatever we share on our favorite social networking sites? Just check out the following tips, and hopefully you will get the reactions you desire.

1. Share a variety of content – Don’t be boring. There are a variety of tools that you have access to. You have lots of different ways to share your feelings and thoughts. Share original content also, if you can. What I mean by that is tweet stuff that you find online. You never know, that simple piece of interesting information you found could be a gem to another person.

2. Give back – There are so many ways you can give back to those who have been interacting with you on a regular basis on the different social sites. You can thank them personally on their wall, tweet them, or you can even DM them or PM them a quick thank you if you are shy. If you see something you like, go ahead and like it and share it on Facebook. That is why they are called social sites, you need to be social. 

3. Engage – If someone either sends you an @reply or comments on your Facebook link, it is always good to give a comment back when appropriate. When I like something on Twitter or on Facebook, I often times share it on my stream and my wall, and I give credit to the original person who shared it. I believe this is a great way to show appreciation, and also allow others to benefit from what you have learned. Friendships can develop too because of constant engagement and interaction, so why not try it out?

4. Listen – Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or even another social site like Instagram, you need to listen to the people you follow and the people who like your page. Make sure you pay attention to what people are sharing with you, and notice what they are reacting to. Don’t just blast messages to them, instead, listen and respond accordingly.

5. Be yourself – The best way to get a reaction is to actually share the real you. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. In the end, people will figure out if you are genuine or not. Just share the stuff you like to share, and don’t be afraid if at first people don’t respond. If they see that you are real, you will soon hear from them in one form or another.

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Image Credits: [ra2 studio / Shutterstock] [Rufous / Shutterstock]