5 Traits Common To All Facebook Addicts!

Facebook is so popular that a movie was already made and watched by people everywhere who use the site often. Who would not like using the site? It connects you to your friends and family that are far away from where you live. I know a lot of people who have criticized others who use Facebook. I believe that it really comes down to how we use it that matters.

Just like with Twitter, Facebook allows us to do so many things like share photos, music, videos, links, etc… I know in my country, the Philippines, 93% of the Internet population has a Facebook account. People here spend an average of 20 minutes on the site per day.

Facebook can be addictive, much like Twitter. There are some traits you will find common to most Twitter users. And, I can see now by just looking at my news feed on Facebook, some traits are similar in Facebook users as well! Here is a short list.

1. They like to change their profile photos – Unlike Twitter users, Facebook users change their avatars as often as they want. The majority of the people I know change it as often as they can. They usually want to keep their look updated.

2. They have a Facebook app on their mobile phone – Most people who have fallen in love with Facebook have the FB application on their smartphone so they can update their status as frequently as they want. It is also there so that they can check up on what their friends and family are doing.

3. They update their status all the time – You know someone is addicted to Facebook when he or she updates their status all the time. Similar to Twitter users, they tell the people they are connected with what they are doing, what they are eating, what games they are playing, etc…

4. They Facebook their friends more than calling them on the phone – Instead of calling their friends, they just check on their friends by looking at their news feed. People will instantly know if someone broke-up with someone, if they’ve gotten engaged, or even if their relationship is complicated. Instead of exchanging phone numbers, people often now ask if they have a Facebook account so they can hook up.

5. They love to share – The one thing that really shows that a person is addicted to Facebook is when he or she loves to share everything and anything about their life. Facebook has somewhat become the journal or personal diary of our lives. People can share their life by sharing a link, a photo or even just a thought.

I love Facebook, and I am not ashamed to say it. The site has provided me ways to connect with people that are far away from me. It has provided me hours of entertainment via their games and applications. It has also been a means for me to learn so much with the information that my friends have shared through their links. I found a video that I thought was very funny. It illustrates what Facebook addiction is. Watch it and see if you fall into this category!

What Is Facebook Addiction?