5 Ways To Increase Followers On Facebook Page

Facebook is the oldest player in the social media industry. Launched in 2004 as a website to connect with the students of the same university, Facebook quickly saw a demand in the public for a platform to connect with their family and friends, and commercialization of Facebook started. With the introduction of social media marketing as a concept, Facebook was the only platform that could advertise and promote various services and products to people and hence quickly became a success.

Now Facebook has more than a billion active monthly users which are ready to consume content that is being thrown at them. Now, to capitalize on this, you must know how to get more Facebook followers, and for that exact purpose, we bring to you his article. Today we’re going to tell you 5 ways to increase followers on your Facebook page. but, if you are not aware, one great way to get engagement is to buy facebook followers.

They can bring in more organic engagement and hence are considered great for the long-term growth of your account. But more on that later, let us first understand the basics of Facebook engagement and content marketing.

On Facebook, people love to watch videos. This is quite apparent by the 8 billion daily video view mark which is a huge number to look at. Also, Facebook users have a strong inclination towards written content as well, but that is limited to a few thousand people. Most of the people on Facebook are visually driven and hence you must include that in your content strategies. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the 5 tips that can help you increase followers on Facebook.

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1. Go Viral With Content

The best way to get more followers on Facebook is to create content that can go viral. Now, what exactly does viral mean? Well, there isn’t a number that you can get to call your videos viral, but if you see an unexpected growth in the engagement you get on a particular video, something that is way higher than the average engagement you receive on your profile, then you can call that video viral.

This happens when you create something likable, funny, or inspiring. However, the other way of getting famous with content is to keep creating good content and get consistent views. This will slowly grow into a larger pool of viewers and hence will get you much better results.

2. Invite Your Friends To Your Page

Starting as content creators we’re all too shy to start telling our friends about it. We often stay away from telling them to like and share our pages so that we can get some engagement. However, it is one of the most important things to do.

Since we have direct influence over our friends we have a higher chance of getting a follow, share, and alike, which can catalyze our process of becoming famous on Facebook. However, beware that if you invite too many people to your Facebook page at once, Facebook will stop you from making any more invites, and hence you should slowly invite people into your page.

3. Buy Facebook Followers

The best way to grow on Facebook is to buy Facebook followers. This is because, people tend to think that if someone else follows a certain thing, then they must follow it too. This is a common psychological behavior shown by people and hence is a great tool to be capitalized on when trying to grow on Facebook. If you buy Facebook followers, it gives you a massive head start because it gives you a cushion for more followers to join in.

However, if you buy poor quality engagement from unreliable websites, then your account’s overall engagement, in the long run, can be hampered. Hence we recommend you to buy from websites like Viralyft and Getviral. These websites have been in the market for quite a long time and hence can be trusted with your money and the quality of the engagement that you receive.

4. Use Hashtags

We have mentioned this point over a hundred times now. Hashtags have to be used to get more traffic, since apps depend on hashtags to find the right type of content for you, you need to use the right hashtags to grow. However, using hashtags is not easy. You cannot just use random hashtags and expect your posts to blow up. Hence you have to research the right hashtags that are relevant to your content and are also popular on Facebook.

If the hashtags you’re using are not fulfilling either of these two conditions, then you should not use that hashtag, finding such tags might take a lot of time, but the results will be worth the effort you put in.

5. Come Live

Since people like to see the real and raw side of your personality, conducting live streams is the best way to showcase your personality. You can do random live streams or plan it according to the active time of your followers as well. The latter will bring you more viewers on your live stream and hence you have a higher chance of getting more followers.

Since people will be able to know you on a personal level, you would get more followers that resonate with your content and hence will stay around for a long time as well. Hence conducting Facebook live is a great way to increase Facebook followers.


Since Facebook has become competitive over the years. You need to know how to increase followers on your Facebook page. This is a very in-demand skill right now and hence these five tips are going to come in handy. Since having a guide to follow when you’re looking for advice is necessary for growth, having this guide at your service for growth on Facebook will help you reach heights. We’re sure if you apply these tips to your own Facebook profile, then you would see massive growth. Till then, happy scrolling!

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