7 Handy Tips To Help You Produce Kick Ass YouTube Videos That Will Engage & Grow Your Audience

So, you finally got around to opening your YouTube page, and now the only thing that stands between you and a viral hit and a massive following is loads of hard work and millions of others hoping to outdo you.

But seriously, don’t be perturbed by the hard road ahead; if you are creative and disciplined enough, you can make sure that your efforts to produce content that will attract a strong YouTube audience then the channel is democratic enough to offer you the chance to succeed.

When it comes to producing quality content, as well as making the most of it from a commercial and marketing perspective, there are many vital aspects you need to be across before you should even get started. Here are a few things to consider as you set your sights on YouTube domination.

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Know Your Topic

Don’t create and attempt to run a YouTube channel on a whim. Cover what you know and if you are not covering what you know, then do the legwork to give the impression that you are the most knowledgeable person in the room.

Whatever you cover, you’ll need to offer real, genuine value. It’s no longer good enough to wing it or fool viewers with clickbait titles and content. You have to market yourself, and your content, in a way that makes you worthwhile to your viewers.

Yes, it’s important that you, and your content, are entertaining and captivating, but to retain an audience, you’ll need to provide something of real substance. An excellent way to start is to look at YouTubers who you like to follow and see what it is about their product that works and what you might be able to incorporate.

Set A Routine

Those who set up a YouTube account without planning very soon give up. If you mean business, then you should approach this in as professional a manner as possible. Plot a strategy and build up ideas and subject matter long into the future; this will help you if you get stuck for ideas.

Post videos regularly and to a schedule that your viewers can get used to. Always produce content according to that schedule; even if you don’t feel like it, it’s all about retaining viewership, and you can’t do that if you half-ass it.

Production Values

Don’t be afraid to spice up your video content with additional footage that will help to give your productions that sense of better production value. The best and most efficient way to do this is to make use of great stock footage, which can provide your personal video output with something of a finishing flourish.

Maybe this comes in the form of great overhead views of a city to help act as part of a docuseries you are putting together, or maybe it’s a few frames of video to act as an intro to your video podcast.

Learn To Make The Most Out Of Every Video

Once you get going, you’ll learn the fine art of cutting your video pie into many slices. Learn how to make the most out of all the content you produce. Whether that means cutting together teasers ahead of each video or for use on other social media channels, don’t let anything go to waste.

Interact With Your Audience

This is especially key in the beginning. Be sure to name-check your viewers if necessary and get involved in the comments that are forthcoming on your videos. Don’t get dragged down into any negative aspects you find; always be polite and magnanimous and show that you know that your audience is there, watching and supporting you.

Clearly, if your audience grows, as you’d want it to, and you have tens of thousands of followers, then this becomes less relevant, but from the outset, you should make it part of your YouTube strategy.

Good Equipment

Whatever your YouTube channel covers, you’ll need to be using good quality equipment, and fortunately, that is easier now than it’s ever been. Whether it’s poor sound, bad lighting, or shaky camerawork (unless it’s deliberate), there’s really no excuse for amateur productions. You should always remember that if you drop the ball in terms of quality, your viewers have millions of other channels they can check out.

Use Good Titles And Descriptions

To help you appear on relevant searches, learn to use compelling and YouTube-friendly titles and descriptions, and always make sure your thumbnail encourages clicking. Don’t make unfounded claims in your descriptions (as this tactic doesn’t work any longer, the audience got wise to this years ago), and be honest but clever with the way you entice people in.

One Final Additional Tip

As well as these specific, hopefully, helpful tips, there is perhaps one golden rule to adhere to when it comes to trying to become a successful YouTuber. That rule is to have utmost patience. You shouldn’t expect instant success; indeed, there is even a case for avoiding immediate virality (as it tends to be instead boom and bust in nature) and being ready for the long haul.

Don’t set your sights on becoming a big YouTube star if the only reason you are doing so is for this to be your ultimate goal. Take your time and look to grow organically with a plan of action that is sustainable and realistic, and most of all, enjoy the ride.

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