8 Reasons Why Geeks Make Better Bloggers

I’m a geek. Everyone I work with is a geek. All the writers here at Bit Rebels are geeks. Most of my friends on Twitter are geeks. So… when I saw a link in a tweet last week from @Alyssa_Milano entitled Why Geeks Make Good Lovers, I got a good laugh. The funny thing is, I can see there could be a lot of truth behind those jokes.

I have written about geeks before, most recently in this article The Malibu Girl vs The Geek Girl but today, as a spin off on the article that Alyssa tweeted, I’ve decided to have some fun. I am an avid blogger, and today I am going to write about why geeks make better bloggers. Geeks shall be overlooked no more! I think geeks make wonderful friends and savvy bloggers. In my humble opinion, geeks do everything better. Don’t you agree? ;)

8 Reasons Why Geeks Make Better Bloggers

1. Geeks Love To Sit At Their Computers And Type For Extended Periods Of Time

To be a great blogger, you have to be able to sit at your computer for quite a while, several times each week. Many people complain about their eyes hurting or their back aching from all that computer work, but not a geek. A geek is most at home right there at the keyboard, even on a Saturday night.

2. Geeks Are Brilliant Problem Solvers

Your site has a problem displaying correctly in someone’s browser? If you are a geek, this is no problem at all. You tinker with it a little and poof! It’s all fixed. Geeks are fantastic problem solvers and they don’t give up, these are qualities that make for an exceptional blogger.

3. Geeks Love Tech Stuff And Gaming

If a geek is writing for a tech blog, you’ve hit the holy grail because geeks love that stuff and write great articles about it. Check this article out, it’s a perfect example 10 Best Games of the Decade! (YAY for Counter-Strike!)

4. Geeks Are Respectful And Nice; They Love To Make Other People Happy

Generally speaking, geeks are some of the happiest and nicest people you’ll ever meet. You don’t have to worry about a geek writing a nasty comment to a reader on your blog, that isn’t his style. He is calm, in control and respectful at all times.

5. Geeks Have A Ton Of Patience

Blogging takes patience, you have to do the proper research, compose the post in the correct format, it is very detail oriented work and requires a lot of patience, but that is no problem for a geek. After all, if a geek can sit there and code for days on end, then there is no problem mustering the patience to be a great blogger! (If you don’t understand this cartoon below, don’t worry, it just means you aren’t a geek.)

6. Geeks Are Comfortable Getting Personal In A Virtual Environment

Geeks usually have more virtual friends than “real life” friends. They are much more comfortable than most people when it comes to sharing their life and experiences on a blog. Geeks are equally, if not more, comfortable in a virtual social environment than a “real life” social environment.

7. Geeks Are Perfectionists, Creative And Smart

All of these characteristics make for a good blogger. Geeks aren’t going to get all emotional if someone leaves a negative comment on a post or if someone disagrees with their opinion. They are smarter than that and see the big picture. Geeks are, by default, good writers.

8. Geeks Are Hot

This has absolutely nothing to do with being a better blogger, but I was compelled to add it anyway. Besides, you know it’s true. ;)

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