A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager [Infographic]

Being a social media manager sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it? For anyone who is a twitterholic, it translates to, “I can finally get paid to tweet!” Whenever I see social media manager job postings circulating on Twitter, they always have hundreds of RTs. It’s definitely a job that comes across as cool, sexy and in demand at the moment.

However, it might not really be as attractive as it seems on the surface. I have a friend on Twitter who is a social media manager for two companies. One is her full time job, and one is a company she does charity work for. She is constantly running at full force. She sends me DMs saying she’ll be busy sending tweets from this account or that account, she is constantly writing posts throughout the day, and she works until late into the night, every night. Suddenly getting paid to tweet just got a lot less exciting, didn’t it?

My friend @JessicaNorthey started her own company managing social media accounts for businesses, and she is very good at it. I would love to get her opinion about the pros and cons and how she manages to get it all done each day. I’m sure once you venture out on your own; one of the biggest challenges is proving your credibility. After all, some people still think that if they open a Facebook account and a Twitter account, they are suddenly qualified to call themselves a social media expert. #annoying

One thing that is very different about a social media job as compared to a regular job is that the social media world never sleeps. In a regular job, nobody expects you to respond to emails at 1am. However, in the world of social media, there are no time zones. It just keeps going and going, 24/7.

Snoopy Social Media Manager Cartoon

Although I’m not a social media manager, every day I get up at about 3am. I send about 70 tweets throughout the day, I log into Facebook to see what’s going on, I engage with Bit Rebels readers, I respond to comments, I respond to emails, I am on DM constantly, I write a minimum of 3 posts each day, I learn whatever I can about SEO, and I run my Apple certified IT company all at the same time. It’s a lot.

However, I wouldn’t trade my Bit Rebels work for anything in the whole world, but that’s because I love it. My friends look at how much I work, and they think I’ve lost my mind. Bottom line, that old saying still holds true… “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” So, you say you love to tweet, but could you handle a schedule like this?  Infographic by Social Cast.

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Social Media Manager Job Description

Header Image Credit: [Panchero’s Blog]