A Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest [Video Infographic]

With Pinterest rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing social networking services ever, it’s no wonder that we keep seeing new and exciting ways to use this platform. I mean, we all know you share pictures and videos, but there are a lot of other things you can do with this service if you just think a little bit more creatively. You can actually share updates, announcements and whatever else in text form if you just think outside of the box. As a marketing platform, it outperforms all other social networking services by a mile or two. It’s like it was streamlined just for this purpose, and more and more companies are realizing this and getting on board.

To approach the service in the right way, as a marketer, is anything but easy, so getting a few guiding tips is always appreciated. I know I was a little bit confused when I first heard about Pinterest, and how cool it was to use. I hadn’t looked at the site at that particular moment, which made it seem like any other image sharing service out there, and most of all like Flickr or even Béhance. But, that’s where I was wrong.

To spare some of you hardcore marketers out there who haven’t yet looked into all the possibilities available when using Pinterest, I thought I’d hit up and publish a little video guide for you all. It’s a video infographic if you will. It talks about Pinterest, and how you can reach out to new possible customers and above all, build your brand in a way that few other services are able to. It’s created by MDG Advertising and will totally get you into the loop of everything Pinterest.

If you use Pinterest right, there are no limits to how much promotion you can get. But as with everything, you have to find your niche within a niche that is somewhat specific for what is going to go viral on this service. It has a lot to do with fashion, baking and all kinds of different female oriented content. However, if you are able to find a niche, like so many are trying to do right now, you can become very popular quite fast. Find an approach that people like, share content that people seem to respond to, and then keep building on that while slowly adding your own stuff to it. Make branches of what people are already liking. Personally, I have found that that is the very best way to approach it all.


Via: [Daily Infographic]