A Visual History Of Twitter [Infographic]

Twitter has certainly come a long way since that day in 2006 when it opened for the public to sign up. It’s just mind boggling to see that Twitter has gone from a personal project to over 200 million users in a little over 5 years. New features are being released on a regular basis, and more users keep signing up. Even though the speed of users signing up has slowed down some, it is still one of the fastest growing social networking platforms ever made available to us. Of course, Twitter has had its problems along the way, just like any growing business. They are the necessary growing pains that are customary when things suddenly start to move a little too fast for the hardware to keep up.

As of lately, it seems Twitter has gotten their act together, and they are actually doing quite well. That is, apart from the whole direct message thing not working properly and missing tweets. I wonder how much they are working on that, and when it’s actually going to be solved. It would be interesting to know if they have even located the problem yet. This article isn’t about all the bugged code that obviously will be fixed in the near future (hopefully). It’s about the history of the brand as a whole.

The social media news site Mashable recently put together an infographic outlining the most significant milestones and records that portray the growth and importance that Twitter has been able to achieve. What was considered a lot of tweets two years ago is quite ordinary today. For example, when Michael Jackson died, at the peak, there were 456 tweets sent every second. When Beyonce announced she was pregnant, there were 8,868 tweets sent every second. That’s saying quite a lot about how much Twitter has grown since back in 2009 alone. It’s impressive and inspiring to say the least!

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A Visual History Of Twitter

Via: [Geekosystem]