A World Without Facebook… [Infographic]

We all have an account, or at least almost everyone does. If you were to ask 100 random people around town what Facebook is, you would probably get 99 correct answers. Even if people don’t have their own account, they of course know about it, at least in the civilized world. The growth of Facebook is not only remarkable, but it’s something out of the ordinary. Never before has some technology or service grown as fast as Facebook has, and by the looks of things, it’s not about to stop anytime soon.

I was doing some calculations, and to my estimates, not even the Internet itself has grown as fast as Facebook through the years. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is. However, the growth hasn’t been an easy ride. Through the years, Facebook has had its share of battles, both technological and personal. I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg ever thought to himself and wished that he would never have invented Facebook. No one knows, but he seems to be a happy lad these days, and we all got our Facebook, so we’re happy as well.

What if Facebook would have never been invented? What would we have been missing out on then? Search and Social company, SingleGrain, put together some statistics in a quite well done infographic that will have you marvel as much as I did when I looked at it. The numbers are just insane, and I am blown away by the balance of things since we here on Bit Rebels tend to have two different bases when it comes to our website and the social networking platform.

The process of doing things without Facebook looks completely different. This infographic compares the two processes, and it’s truly cool to see what leaps in technology Facebook has really brought us. What’s even more amazing is that back in 1600 AD, the world’s population was 545 million, and today Facebook has over 600 million users. That’s what I call global domination right there. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg (and of course Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes) for Facebook!

A World Without Facebook InfographicA World Without Facebook Infographic