Alyssa Milano Rocks On Twitter

It’s always interesting to me to watch how celebrities use Twitter. As we all know, most celebrities tweet about one topic: Themselves. Although I, along with everyone else, am a bit curious, it gets old quick.

Every now and then you run across celebrities like @kathyireland and @collective_soul who interact a bit with their followers, which is rare. Even more rare is a celebrity who builds relationships and who really understands and appreciates how special Twitter is. It’s quite unusual to find a celebrity who understands how much we all have to gain by being one Twitter family, not divided into two groups: celebrities and non-celebrities.

This article is a Twitter tribute to @Alyssa_Milano, one unique celebrity who “gets it.” A self-proclaimed geek, you can find her on Twitter every day sharing her life, meeting new friends, and RT’ing tweets that support causes she believes in. She’s made it a point to get to know us and many consider her to be part of the Twitter gang. What does a celebrity have to gain on Twitter by putting themselves out there like that? A lot. She knows she can count on us to make her laugh, RT important tweets and simply give her the same genuine, heartfelt kindness we would give any of our Twitter friends. I am sure Alyssa has learned that tweeple are very loyal to their Twitter friends.

When I contacted Alyssa for comment on this article, she was gracious and humbled that we decided to write about her. She offered a very insightful statement regarding how she views Twitter:

Twitter is the pulse of social media. The user makes it breathe. The community I’ve tried to create with those that I follow and (hopefully) those that follow me, is not unlike a tangible neighborhood, where the residents are on equal ground, are good to each other, share information, and empower. I chose to use Twitter not as a “celebrity” but as a community member. And because of this, I feel people have a better understanding of who I really am and the issues that are important to me. Through Twitter, I’ve been given the platform to strip away any preconceived notion of perception verses reality, and just be part of a community of like-mindedness. That is a gift and I appreciate the opportunity.

We are thrilled that we will soon be able to see Alyssa again as a regular on ABC’s “Romantically Challenged.” To learn more about Alyssa and to read her impressive bio, you can visit her website at or follow her on Twitter at @Alyssa_Milano. Because she became “Mrs. B” a little over a week ago by marrying David Bugliari, we thought this was the perfect time to wish them a wonderful life together! Alyssa, thank you for following @bitrebels on Twitter and for reading our blog!

Alyssa Milano Rocks On TwitterAlyssa Milano Rocks On TwitterAlyssa Milano Rocks On Twitter