An Alternative to Google Wave?

There are a lot of people now using the wave, mostly for collaboration purposes, sharing of ideas and files within a group. We at Bit Rebels have done this a lot of times already when we need to huddle for new ideas, and inputs on up coming features etc. But if you are not into waving, and still want a secure, easy sharing and collaboration tool to use for your small to medium size business then you might want to check out GlassCubes.

GlassCubes allows the user to share files, communicate and collaborate online.

Here are some of the things that you can do on GlassCubes:

1.  Assign TASKS – You can assign tasks to your team members, manage the work flow of each individual team member.

2.  Create open DISCUSSIONS –  You can do a discussion, debate, discuss issues with team members without the need for long email chains.

3.  MANAGE CONTACTS –  You can easily import your contacts, manage your sales opportunities and customer issues fast and easy.

4.  Saves DOCUMENT VERSIONS –   No more hassle of losing document versions when you edit a document along with your team members.  Here the most recent version is saved.

Glasscubes was formed because the developers saw that more and more companies want a fast and easy way to manage projects and communicate in a safe environment.  They have  made it easy and simpler to work from any location with colleagues and clients.  Included a video to demonstrate how GlassCubes Work.

Here are the  pricing options as well as a Free Account that you can choose from.  You can check out more information HERE.  Is this a good alternative to Google Wave? What do you think?