Anatomy Of A Business Blog [Infographic]

Lately there has been a huge increase in themed blogs popping up all around the Internet. They range from pure technology blogs to pretty much anything you could think of. It’s not such a big mystery really since setting up a blog today is quite easy. However, the misconception that it’s easy to deliver viral content on a daily basis is simply just that, a misconception. The truth is, it’s quite hard to dig up the latest most appealing topics over and over again. Not only is it a fight against time, but it’s also a heck of a lot of work. If you don’t expect to put in the hours necessary to service your audience in every way that you possibly can, you probably shouldn’t enter the blogging industry.

However, if you want to setup your own blog then the ways of doing so are as many as the number of topics to choose from. There are also a truck load of themes that you could choose for your blog’s design which will have a huge impact on the way your visitors view your content. If it is easy to access, navigate through, and share, you are probably all good in this particular area.

But just how do you go about setting up your blog, and what should you think about when doing it? Well, if you want sound advice for a business blog, I think I have the perfect suggestion for you. This infographic called Anatomy Of A Business Blog should answer most of your questions and guide you through all of the obstacles that you might stumble upon throughout the process. Even if you are not particularly interested in setting up a business blog, this will still touch on some rather important points that will affect whatever you end up writing about on your website.

I have to mention that this infographic, created by GoTimeMarketing, is somewhat cluttered. However, it is absolutely jam packed with great pointers. There are always going to be factors that change in the world of blogging, so you’d do good in always keeping yourself updated on what is going on and what is hot as far as features and social media sharing. Other than that, this infographic even gets into detail about the format of an average “article” and its different parts.

Everything from title tags to external linking is covered, and these are exactly the kinds of things people are most hesitant to delve into. The perception seems to always be that just because you get a premium theme for your blog, everything is covered, but that is not the case. 90% of all themes just look nice, and they aren’t necessarily created to serve your SEO very well at all. There are always tweaks that have to be taken care of in order for your blog to get some well needed search-routed traffic.

Another thing that people tend to think about too much is that SEO is either not important or that it is the most important thing on the entire website. In more cases, people tend to work more on the SEO than their actual content. It’s ultimately the wrong approach, if I may humbly say so. The most important thing on your entire blog is your content, hands down. Without compelling content, you can’t expect people to come back, poke around and read more. You will end up with a blog that gets less and less traffic because people don’t find anything useful there.

So, to keep this article from becoming too long and too boring, I will just say this. A well rounded blog always services its readers before anything else. They are the ones who will make your blog popular, not the other way around. They are the ones who make it worth putting in all that time you need to put in in order to make your blog the best of the best. Think long and hard about your content. Research it and make sure your topics are appealing enough to poke the interest of people around the world, no matter what the subject is. By doing this, you will notice an instant and constant growth in your audience until stuff starts to go viral just because you have such a great following. That is what you should work for. Your audience is your priority, always!

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