Are You a TwitterHolic?

First let us define what a TwitterHolic is.  According to the Urban Dictionary a TwitterHolic is a person who is addicted to twitter. They tend to tweet at least 20 times per day, follow at least 200 people, and attain at least 150 followers. Since Twitterholics tend to do very little other than use twitter, Twitter’s intended purpose of quick messages about what you are doing is not enough to satisfy their need to tweet, therefore they carry out conversations, share links, and play games (like Colorwars).

Just like any other addiction, it can be cured.  I have learned to curb my Twitter addiction just a bit LOL.  Tweeting is really fun and I don’t blame others who become addicted to the social networking platform.  Why do people become Twitterholics?

1.  You get real time info – Imagine being the first one to know what is happening in your area and around the world.

2.  You meet cool and interesting people – Imagine being able to speak with different types of people everyday.  These people come from different backgrounds and fields.  It is just like one big conference where you learn and share.

3.  You engage, connect and collaborate – This is one of the best reasons why I love tweeting.  I would have never had the opportunity to write for   Bit Rebels if it was not for Twitter.

Let me also share with you some of the things that I have done, and that I am trying to practice just to make sure that I do not overwhelm my followers with my tweets:

1.  I make sure to place intervals for my tweets – When I started tweeting, I tweeted like a maniac, LOL sometimes drowning out other people’s streams.  I have now consciously made it a point to tweet in at least 10 to 20 minutes intervals.

2.  I balance the content that I tweet – I feel that your followers would not really mind so much if you balance your tweets.  Send links (info) that are useful, interesting and entertaining.  I also make sure that I listen and speak with people I connect with.

3.  I retweet – There are two reasons why I retweet.  One is to show my friends that I appreciate the information and that it was really useful for me.  And secondly, some of my followers are new to twitter and the first hand info i get might not be readily available to them. I am like a conduit.

4. I introduce people to each other – I also try to make it a point to introduce the people I know to each other, epecially if I know that the information they like is similar.

5.  I try to make it fun on Twitter – I try to be entertaining and share fun stuff on Twitter as well. I remember joining in some sing ups, or sometimes becoming the resident DJ.

Being a Twitterholic really is not bad.  You just need to be open and giving.  I have so many Twitter friends that are Twitterholics like me and I never really mind them tweeting a lot.  I think it is really just a matter of knowing when to take breaks and letting others share as well.  There are no rules on twitter.  Be yourself and just have fun!

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