Be Creative on Twitter: Share Your #AnalogTweet!

You can meet so many different types of people everyday on Twitter. It is a site where people share ideas and converse with each other 24/7. One thing that I love about Twitter is that you can express your creativity freely. You can also get so much inspiration and a boost of self confidence when you need it.

It is through Twitter that I met Diana and @Minervity, my co-writers here on Bit Rebels. They have given me so much inspiration and have taught me so much about writing.

If you have been on Twitter long, you know that you can share any type of information that you want to. You can share links about design, social media, the funnies, photographs and even music. You will also see people talking to each other and sharing their hellos and how-do-you-dos. There are times when instead of tweeting, I just read the conversation in my stream. Most of the bloggers I know share their blog content. Designers showcase their masterpieces. We learn from all of these tweets.

There is a group of people that I have recently teamed up with to add even more fun on Twitter. We share an #AnalogTweet everyday (or when we can). What is it that we do exactly? Well, we share anything. It could be a handwritten drawing, sketch, doodle or photo that we took. There is no theme. What is important is that it inspires laughter or make someone in your stream smile that day. It can be self-expression or even just a hand written note about how you feel that day. The objective is to bring out each and every person’s creativity. Meet the amazing people who have given their time to share fun and inspiration: @HallMaria @patriciomg @mswittyberns @sheenasiao @arjunphlox and @thomasmarzano. Follow their tweets. If you want to participate just place the hashtag #analogtweet in your tweet, and we will surely share in with you in the fun!

I have included some of the works here as examples just in case anyone would like to be creative and join in on the fun!

Drawn by @sheenasiao

Drawn by @patriciomg

Drawn by @mswittyberns

Drawn by  @HallMaria

Photographed and Drawn by @thomasmarzano

Drawn by @mistygirlph