The Best 10 Tools For Getting Instagram Followers

Having a strong online presence, whether you’re running an online business or becoming an influencer, is important for many people these days. After all, so many people are discovering new businesses and products they love by scrolling through Facebook, and when it comes to engaging with customers, Twitter’s an easy way to reach out to millions of followers with one quick post. Instagram, which is becoming more and more popular each day, is one of the most exciting ways to connect with consumers. In addition to being an easy way to show off what you’re selling, the platform has changed significantly in the past few years to make it easier to engage and get financial success.

Because of Instagram’s popularity, posting regularly and using the right hashtags isn’t enough anymore. In addition to these strategies, you need to use the right tools. Here’s our list.

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1. Magic Social

In the past, getting Instagram followers didn’t take too much work if you were posting great content. But now, with a sea of content in front of every user, using a service like can make a huge difference. They’ll get targeted followers so you can focus on creating great social media content.

2. Sprout Social

It’s so important to understand whether your social media efforts are working. And even though creating a buyer persona and creating strategies is a great start, you aren’t going to get anywhere until you’ve got great statistics. That’s why Sprout Social is so great. According to Hackernoon, this tool “is an analytics tool that provides insights and social signals of IG campaigns…When you understand why some videos perform better than others, why certain stories have more views at particular times, and why specific hashtags outperform, you can adjust strategies accordingly.”

3. Canva

Instagram, inherently, is a visual medium. So you need to create a beautiful look for what you’re posting and brand it by making it consistent throughout. According to Verma Media, it only takes a customer ten seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo. So do yourself a favor when editing photos and use Canva, which you can use for posts as well as Insta Stories.

4. Later

If you prefer to work on a laptop, or you simply have a lot of large files you need to upload to Instagram (say, a video that’s hard to email to yourself on your phone), then Later is a great app. It’s also got a scheduling feature, which will make it easier for you to plan your strategy. If you’ve got a big rebranding or product coming out this is an exciting feature.

5. Buffer

Speaking of scheduling, Buffer is one of the best tools for this. They make it easy for you to plan Instagram posts along with your other social media platforms so that you can have the same content no matter where customers find you. Considering that the cheapest plan is $15 a month with a scheduled post limit of 100, it’s not a bad deal.


Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram, so if you haven’t got them mastered, you’re not going to have a strong Instagram strategy. But it takes a long time to figure out what hashtags are used the most in your industry and which ones are trending. Instead, use, which finds those hashtags for you. Considering that 38 percent of users check Instagram multiple times a day, using the right hashtags to get their attention will get you lots of followers.

7. Boomerang

Videos are huge these days in social media, which is why Boomerang is such a great tool. Boomerang makes it easy for you to create short GIF-style videos in addition to the usual still photo content. Considering that 65 percent of executives will visit a website after viewing a video, you can see just how powerful video content is.

8. Repost For Instagram

Engagement is key to running a successful Instagram campaign, and one of the best ways of engaging outside of leaving comments and following is reposting. Whether you’re reposting followers’ content or what’s trending in your industry, Repost for Instagram is a tool that makes this way easier, which automatically adds credit and copies the description, so it’s almost as easy as snapping the picture yourself. Brands post on Instagram an average of 27.9 times a month, so if you’re posting even more by sharing, you’re doing a great job.

These are some of the best tools out there for getting Instagram followers. Are there any other tools you’ve found helpful for making your social media strategy better?

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