Best LinkedIn Automation Tools In 2022

LinkedIn is a top-rated multi-purpose platform that majors on the interactions between employees and employers. It enables people to share thoughts and ideas and, at the same time, provides a platform for individuals or organizations to find employees or vice versa.

LinkedIn is not larger than Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, the online platform has more users than Twitter. In addition, LinkedIn is darling to B2B enthusiasts. In the US, around half of marketing professionals prefer LinkedIn.

Considering its size, having to perform LinkedIn tasks manually is very unproductive. There are numerous automation tools that you can utilize to increase your productivity on the platform. This article will highlight a few of the best automation tools for LinkedIn.

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Linked Helper 2

Linked Helper is automation software configured to help you boost your LinkedIn profile through task automation. The software can be downloaded and used as a desktop application and looks almost the same as a web browser. Linked Helper is one of the best automation tools for creating connections and inviting 2nd or 3rd connections.

The Linked Helper software is equipped with numerous remarkable features that you can use to boost your productivity. One such part is automated workflows. This feature allows you to create a sequence of automated tasks that will be done if your leads react to your leads. The beauty of this feature is that it is fully customizable.

Linked Helper also allows you to manage more than one LinkedIn account on one computer. You only need a different IP address, which can quickly be done using a VPN application.

The Linked Helper software is surprisingly affordable. Its price is $15 a month, with a 14-day trial. Considering the options available, the Linked Helper is very affordable and worth a try.

LinkedIn Plugins

If you want to add LinkedIn functionality, this tool does exactly that. Most individuals do not use linked plugins as they do not directly impact sales and social selling. However, they are missing out. Some of the plugins that you can utilize to add LinkedIn functionality to your website include:

  • Share
  • Alumni Tool
  • Company Profile and Follow Company
  • LinkedIn AutoFill
  • Among many others

Despite not being the most effective method to boost your sales, LinkedIn plugins can work alongside other tools to increase your sale capability. With the LinkedIn plugins, your visitors will be more informed, therefore, have a reason to contact you.


The relationship between LinkedIn and Loomly is relatively smooth. With Loomly, you have a central library that allows you to store, organize, and use your assets. These assets include; pictures, videos, notes, and post templates, among others.

In addition, Loomly also gives its users a guide on how to create great ads and posts. You can also use the Unsplash and Giphy integrations to scout for post visuals. Other features offered by Loomly include; Contact management, Keyword Filtering, Post Scheduling, and Automated publishing, among others.


While there are several great social media marketing platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, the B2B services offered by these platforms are less than LinkedIn. And with the integration of automation tools such as Linked Helper, using LinkedIn for marketing purposes is a cheat code.

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