Before Blasting Your Audience, Ask “Should I Post That?” [Infographic]

We’ve all been there, or at least most people I know have…You post something on your blog or on Twitter or Facebook that you wake up the next day and regret. I’m not talking about the occasional drunk text that you embarrassingly send one person. I’m talking about when you accidentally blast your audience with something that you maybe should have taken five extra seconds to think through. We all get in a hurry and make those mistakes every now and then, or maybe that’s just my excuse.

I could share the links of a handful of articles I’ve written here on Bit Rebels that fall into that category. We have a rule at Bit Rebels that once something is published, it remains on the site forever, so those will be forever reminders of how important it is to think through what we decide to post. Your audience (especially your online audience) is constantly forming an opinion about you and your brand. Everything you post, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, matters.

With that being said, it’s also important not to take the fun and spontaneity out of what you post. Sometimes the element of surprise is worth the risk. This infographic called To Post Or Not To Post by eMerge provides a fun yet useful roadmap for helping you along in your decision when you ask yourself, “Should I really post that?” There is a great corresponding blog post to this infographic that you can read by clicking over to their site.

It’s interesting to note that according to this, 73% of online users will unfollow or unlike a brand for posting too frequently. On the other hand, if you don’t post frequently enough, that can cause problems too. Just like with everything, there is a balance. The key is finding that balance with your audience. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or your blog, that balance is different for everyone. Enjoy!

Before Blasting Your Audience, Ask Yourself “Should I Post That?”

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Header Image Credit: [Chandler’s Blog]