Blog Content: Bring Your Old & New Posts To Life [Infographic]

A while back, I saw a tweet in my Twitter stream that read something like, “All blog posts are inspired by another blog post.” That has always stuck with me, and every time I think about it my brain goes into a never-ending spin of circular logic. When I think about all the original pieces of blog content I’ve personally created, I can usually remember what I read or saw online that made me think it would be an interesting topic to write about.

If all blog posts are inspired by other blog posts, and if all bloggers are contributing in a continuously growing ecosystem of writers from all over the planet then where does it all start? Someone somewhere has to start it all, right? Before you know it, you’ll start thinking of the blogosphere as it’s own environment with its own life cycle.

One popular misconception that I think a lot of bloggers have is that once a post has been published and promoted, it can never be promoted again. Somewhere along the way someone decided that if blog content isn’t brand new, it’s no longer valuable. We here at Bit Rebels strongly disagree with that philosophy. We believe that good content is good content.

It’s true that if it’s only relevant to a particular event or time then it may not be appropriate to continue promoting it. But if it’s a topic that will entertain or help people with something long after it publishes then why would you stop promoting it? I wrote about this a little bit in an article called 5 Things Successful Bloggers Do Differently. This infographic called Content Life Cycle by C4 explains the blog content life cycle. You might also find How To Create Unique Content In Simple Steps helpful. Good luck!

The Blog Content Life Cycle


Via: [Social Media Today]