Blogging Is Like Sex [Infographic]

Now, I can imagine how this title got you interested in finding out about what is hidden beneath it. It’s quite a headline and the statement is anything but subtle, right? Well, it so happens that it’s as true as anything can be. When I saw it presented on the infographic myself, I was probably as intrigued as you are now. It’s a bold statement that needs explanation. So, as you might have figured out, this infographic is called Blogging Is Like Sex, and it will take you through the comparisons to make it clear to you how such a creative task as blogging could ever be compared to sex at all.

When I first started to write the title for this article, I was a little bit hesitant to leave it as it is. I asked myself whether I should put “NSFW” on it as to not make people angry over it. But since there are no images in the article that might set off a landslide of complaints, I decided on the thought, what harm can a title do, right? After all, it only speaks of a very inspiring and dedicated approach to blogging, and how it could be compared to sex.

Blogging is a very labor intensive trade, and you need to stay focused when writing or you will find yourself in the middle of an empty room echoing in silence since your topics will be not only undressed and lacking initiative, but also missing the point of blogging as a whole. You have to feel what you write. You have to be dedicated to the topics and not pick subjects that you feel are out of your attention span, if you know what I mean.

For us here at Bit Rebels, we always pick subjects that are very dear to our hearts or that we feel are right in the scope of what we are interested in writing about. Sure, maybe not all of our articles are dedicated to the utmost seriousness of the world, but we remember every single one as if they were a memory worth treasuring. So, when you blog, make sure that you are intensely interested in both writing as well as in the subject you write about. Without passion, your blog or article will become quite useless to all the people who will most likely check it out. Blogging is like sex because the passion needed to fully complete the task is the most important ingredient in the whole endeavor. It’s not rocket science, it’s actually quite simple. Passion is the equivalent to creativity and dedication. Agree? (Infographic created by GenY Medium)

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