The Boyfriend’s Guide To Understanding Pinterest & The Women On It

If your boyfriend still doesn’t understand why you spend so much time pinning, this little boyfriend’s guide to understanding Pinterest (which is in video format) could really help him out. I remember a while back when Pinterest was the hottest thing to write about on every social media blog. When Facebook and Twitter launched, social media was so new that we had to learn pretty much everything by trial-and-error. Pinterest has been a very different experience. Right from the beginning, it’s been easy to find a tutorial about anything Pinterest related. These days, we are more social media savvy, and the growth of Pinterest is a testament to that.

Now that Pinterest has grown to being the 3rd largest source of referral traffic on the Internet, many manly men who have blown it off in the past are taking another look at how the site can be useful to them. It’s true that around 80% of the users are still women, but to be fair, there are really all types of people on there.

According to this boyfriend’s guide to understanding Pinterest by Chris Menning on Modern Primate, your attitude about Pinterest and your attitude about the women on Pinterest might reflect your attitude about women in general. Ouch. Of course, it’s all in good fun.

So whether you think Pinterest is “Zen wrapped in karma dipped in chocolate” or a complete waste of time, it’s all good. If you look at it from a marketing perspective, and if you want to get a piece of that referral traffic, you might consider watching the little video below. This guide to understanding Pinterest will make you realize that even though it’s full of women pinning cupcakes, fancy shoes and inspirational quotes, it’s also a site where you can find useful information about things that interest you too. So grab a beer, get comfortable, and enjoy the video.

The Boyfriend’s Guide To Understanding Pinterest


Via: [Design Taxi] Image Credit: [Kaitlin Copeland / Pinterest]