Why Your Business Should Focus On Using Social Media Analytics

Social media is a valuable part of many businesses, and as almost everyone in the world has some form of social media, it’s a tool that every business should utilize. Best of all, social media is a free tool to advertise and interact with customers from across the globe.

While many businesses focus on product placement and advertising, many neglects to see how using social media analytics can improve sales and traffic to their website. Here are just a few reasons why your business should focus on using social media analytics.

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See How Social Media Marketing Campaigns Are Performing

What is the point in launching any kind of social media marketing campaign if you are not going to try and improve it? There are plenty of creative campaigns out there to inspire you, but even so, you should be tracking how the campaign is doing so you can attract more customers and clicks.

This means if the campaign isn’t going as smoothly as you thought, you can see why and make necessary changes. Sentione is a great tool to conduct an analysis of social media marketing campaigns and to see what has a negative, neutral, or positive effect. Using this data will ensure your campaign works as well as it can, rather than becoming a fluke.

Finding A Better Strategy

When you first create social media for your business, it may not work as you hoped. You can’t expect social media to suddenly change your business around; it takes time and social media analytics. Rather than making a mistake after mistake, studying your analytics continuously will help you to learn from these mistakes instead.

There are plenty of social media analytics tools out there that you can use, or you may want to hire a data analytics expert who has a specialist degree in the area, to work on improving your social media strategy. Again, Sentione is excellent for finding trends within social media, and you can even track keywords such as your company or product name, to see what people are saying about you.

Understand Competitors

One of the best ways you can learn, and grow is by looking at competitors’ social media accounts and seeing what techniques are working for them. You shouldn’t just focus on your own data to grow as a business; you should be looking at how others are working too. This means you can also view their mistakes, so you don’t make them for yourself.

Buzzsumo and Cyfe are great tools to track other social media accounts that are not your own. It can show you which of their posts gained the most “likes” and through this, you can better understand what works and what doesn’t.

Create Better Social Media Content

When you begin using social media analytics, you will be able to track each social media site and see which of your posts generated the most views and “likes”. This means for Twitter and Facebook, and you can see which type of media worked best, whether this is links, images, or videos.

For Instagram or Pinterest, you can view which images worked best alongside the best hashtags. The best part about some of the social media sites is the fact they have analytics built-in, meaning you don’t have to do any of the work. Facebook has its own analytics for pages, meaning all you need to do is check the ‘Posts’ page in your Facebook analytics.

Social media analytics can also help in understanding how blog posts perform. Buzzsumo also aims to help businesses understand what blog content is shared the most, how long each visitor spends on the post, and how many of these posts lead to a sale or subscription. Google Analytics is another great tool which you should utilize to track the traffic to your site.

Find Which Accounts Work Best

If you use several social media sites for your business, social media analytics can track each one individually, showing you which ones work best. This means you can focus on the ones that work best if you want to drive sales or work harder on the networks that aren’t working as good as you would like.

Facebook and Instagram are both networks that have billions of users but sometimes focusing on smaller sites such as Pinterest can drive your social media strategy better. This is because you have more to compete against on the more important social media sites, and this is something to consider when looking at data.

Cyfe is a dashboard tool which can connect many accounts into one place, meaning you can see visually which accounts are working best and track your performance in real-time. If you are working on social media analytics, Cyfe can aid you in putting all this data in one graph, to easily present this information to your managers or clients.

Better Understand Your Audience

Your customers are what matters in business, so understanding what they like and what they want may be the most important thing to drive sales. Through understanding your audience, you can give them what they want. Another important thing to consider in social media marketing is timing.

If you choose to post content when most people are online, you will receive more traffic to your website and more views. Through social media analytics, you can find the best time to post on each site for the best outcome. Again, Facebook allows you to view the days and times of each post and which ones were most viewed based on this.

If you do not understand the first thing about data analytics, there are tools out there that can help you to transcribe this data in a way you understand. You may also choose to hire a data analytics expert who has been explicitly trained to find issues and solutions in businesses to improve their traffic and sales. Every business should utilize social media as it is one of the best free marketing tools.

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