Chicks Rule: Power of Women in Social Media [Infographic]

Until recently, I never really thought about the differences between men and women in social media. I’ve seen articles here and there about it, but I’ve always believed that each person stands on his or her own merit in social media, regardless of whether that person is a man or woman. We all start at the same place and build our reputation from there.

However, I’m noticing that there may possibly be some real differences. Last month I wrote Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women. It was an article that went viral, and although I wrote it just for fun, I quickly realized the power women have in social media. It was a lesson I watched play out here on Bit Rebels.

The day after that article published, Richard wrote one called The Gender Differences On Twitter In Data. It was an article that really showcased how women as a whole know how to work it on Twitter, and as a result, they are able to amass followers much faster and easier than men.  About 10 days after Richard’s article came out; Mashable published a post called Why Social Media Means Big Opportunities for Women. It was an insightful article, once again, about the power of women in social media. It reads, “For women, social media presents abundant opportunities to lead, effect change, innovate, and build relationships across sectors, locally, nationally, and globally.

Does all this mean that women really do have an advantage over men in social media? I never thought I’d see myself type this, but I’m ready to say the answer is yes. Apparently this is nothing new. In this Small Business Trends article from 2009 (using data collected from BlogHer), it states that women are the largest group of bloggers, and they wield the widest influence. Even back in 2008, this Bloomberg Businessweek article predicted, “While both sexes will continue to use social networking sites in huge numbers, women will be the ones holding down the fort.

So, basically, in a nut shell, chicks rule! 1 in 5 women today look to social media sites for recommendations on all kinds of topics. This interesting infographic by Flowtown illustrates even more details about the power that women have in social media. I’m glad I’m a girl! #girlpower

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Women and Social Media Infographic

Header Image Credit: [CREATISTA / Shutterstock]