Company Raises $150,000 To Make Documentary About Minecraft

It’s amazing when social media works as it’s intended. We have seen it here on Bit Rebels, and we’re constantly monitoring it through all of our channels. Not only is it a wonderful feeling connecting with new and interesting people, but you can also create lasting business relationships that start with just a mutual hello. Getting a viral campaign going is not only time consuming, but it’s also quite an undertaking in itself. Everything has to come together just right. The campaigns that we see work the best usually sport some unbelievably clever, funny or original stuff. Humor is the one most popular way to get a good viral campaign going.

Sometimes a costly advertising campaign is more than your budget allows, and the quality of your product or service has to bear the entire weight of its success. That happened when Swedish Markus Persson created Minecraft. It was intended as a 6-12 month project, but evolved into a cultural phenomenon that has seldom been seen in the game industry.

As of yesterday, 2 Player Productions (know for producing the widely popular reality show of the Penny Arcade peeps), was able to pledge over $150,000 through Kickstarter to produce a documentary about the creator and the company behind Minecraft. There is a 20 minute short clip of the documentary already available on the Internet. After watching it myself, I can’t wait to see the rest of it. It only proves that success can happen from the smallest spark of an idea. You just have to stay focused and do your work.

2 Player Production Raises Money