Comprehensive Comparison Of Twitter Chat App Options [Chart]

Twitter chats have become very popular over the past few years. Some of them are just one-time chats about current events, and others are weekly or monthly chats that have built up huge followings over time. If you are new to Twitter, getting involved in a tweet chat is a great way to be heard and let your opinions about a certain topic be known. You’ll meet some great people and learn a lot too! This article is more specifically about the different Twitter chat tools.

If you’ve ever tried to follow a busy Twitter chat via Twitter itself, you know how hard it can be to keep up. You would think it would be easy since you just have to follow a hashtag, but if you lose your concentration for even a moment, it’s hard to catch back up. There are several tweet chat apps that try to make things easier in a chat. Some of them even have advanced features, which will enhance the chat and make it even more useful.

This comprehensive comparison chart goes through the features of popular Twitter chat tool options including TweetChat, hootsuite, nextivity, oneQube, Tweetdeck and twubs. It was created by flickr user Mark Fidelman, and according to him, none of these options are compelling. There is a huge need and gap open for anyone who wants to develop a much-needed effective Twitter chat tool.

This is very well done comparison, and you’ll notice at the bottom he even included some other notes about each one’s features, which could be useful for you in your evaluation. Until a perfect chat app is created, you can use this chart to find the one that will best suit your needs for your next Twitter chat. If you want a list of current recurring chats, check out this community-curated Google Doc with a Tweet Chat Schedule. It lists 679 of them. Whoa!

Options For Your Next Twitter Chat

TweetChat was recently sold to Internet Media Labs
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