Congratulations To These #RebelWave Contest Winners!

When we decided to have a Bit Rebels contest to give away 10 Google Wave invites, we had no idea how much fun it was going to be. To enter the contest, each person tweeted the ultimate reason why they should get an invite, using the #RebelWave hashtag. Wow, you all are so creative!

We have 4 VIP Google Wave invites to give away which include a private tour of the wave by @wavejedimaster and access to his private user’s lounge wave where you can get your questions answered by the master himself. We also have 6 regular Google Wave invites to give away.

We are so excited that we are able to give back to our readers by giving these invites to you! It was so hard to choose only 10 winners out of all the great entries we received. As we enter this holiday season where we all reflect on what we are thankful for, just know we are very thankful for every single one of our readers!

Here we go…

If you are on this list, please email with your gmail address and your Twitter username. Once we have verified your identity, you will be emailed the agreement confirming that you will not sell your invite. Once you return that to us, you will receive your invite and you’ll be surfing the wave! It’s as simple as that. If you do not respond within 10 days, you will forfeit your invite and we will choose another winner in your place.

The 4 VIP Google Wave invites are awarded to:

1. Sarah entered the #RebelWave contest over 30 times. Each entry was funnier than the last and she gets the award for most creative. This entry is one of my favorites from her:

2. Kelea entered the #RebelWave contest at least a dozen times. She also had so many creative entries, but since I’m a huge Billy Idol fan, this one was my favorite:

3. This creative entry makes me want to go buy a box of Lucky Charms.

4. This entry is just plain cool. It’s pretty sneaky using Star Wars to get on our good side!

The 6 regular Google Wave invites are awarded to:

Congratulations to all our winners!