Content Oriented Weekday Posting Guide For Facebook [Infographic]

We are once again going to cover one of the most vital parts of a brand’s social media approach. I am of course talking about when to post content on Facebook in order to get the most engagement and interaction in return. When a brand is planning a social media campaign, it’s important to know exactly when to post the content in order for it to reach the highest number of people. The standard approach has usually been to post things whenever you have something new to present. However, following that approach could be a critical mistake depending on your brand’s following. Posting at the wrong time could mean that a huge part of your following won’t see it, which will of course damage any hope of a massive response. What all brands probably need is a content oriented weekday posting guide for Facebook.

Trying to compile one of these content oriented guides yourself would probably take a lot of work and time, which is not a very optimized solution if you have a busy schedule and are trying to make your brand successful. Instead, let’s just use the awesome infographic that LinchpinSEO put together for us instead. It is called Facebook: Best Days To Post – Segmented By Industry and is one of the more extensively researched content oriented posting guides I have seen so far.

Many people seem to think that posting content on Facebook when user activity is peaking is the best way to reach the masses. This content oriented guide suggests that is not the case, far from it actually. I find it highly intriguing that you can now precisely pinpoint when to post content that is specific for a certain industry and further maximize your reach and engagement.

I could probably sit here all day and unfold this infographic’s data in order to try and explain just why it’s important for a brand to stay focused on perfect timing instead of what social networking services to use. But in all fairness, Facebook has proven over and over again why it is the largest social networking platform on the planet, so I won’t bother visiting that point in this article.

All you really need to do is determine what industry and what content you are posting and then consult this content oriented infographic to pinpoint exactly when you should post your next press release or content update. It’s not harder than that really. Logic has always been the mother of great creativity, and the subject of this infographic certainly further proves that. So to all you brands out there looking for an even more optimized way to post your content, check this content oriented guide out and start optimizing. It will yield better results than any previous posting guide you might have consulted.

LinchpinSEO’s Content Oriented Posting Guide


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