Flowchart Guide: Where To Post Your Content [Flowchart]

It can be difficult to determine which social network to post things on in this overcrowded landscape we’re currently experiencing online. Some people want to master all of the popular social networking services in one go, which usually gets results ranging from bad to worse. The way to master social media posting today is a little bit more complex than that. This is something that we’ll take a closer look at with the help of a flowchart guide recently shared by DashBurst.

In order to master social media today, you need to know what content works best on the different social networking services available to you. When you can do that, you have a greater chance of attracting more active and interacting followers and fans. In order to figure out what content work best, you have to spend hours experimenting on each of the many social networking services online. Something that can certainly take a long time, which of course is something you don’t have. You want to start building that following of yours in this instant, right?

If you are serious about your social networking, doing the necessary research is of course encouraged. But if you’re looking for a quick fix in order to ramp up your efficiency and social media efforts, then you should just consult this flowchart guide that will tell you exactly where to post your stuff. It’s called Where Should You Post That? and is presented by CollegeHumor.

Sometimes adding a little humor into your day will secure results. We all know a little fun usually spawns creativity, and creativity usually spawns results, so this should come in quite handy, don’t you think? With this flowchart guide, you will no longer spend time on long and boring trials and failures just to figure out what social networking service you should post certain content on. Nah, this will help you with that in 15 seconds or less. How’s that for optimization?

CollegeHumor’s Content Posting Flowchart Guide

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Via: [DashBurst]