How To Create The Best Tweet Possible With All The Components [Chart]

There’s been a lot of advice dished out over the years about how to create the best tweet possible. Back when Twitter was brand new, most of us struggled at times with how to convey what we wanted to say in only 140 characters. These days, it’s different. We’ve come up with all kinds of creative ways to use abbreviations and hashtags to compose powerful tweets. If you wanted to compose the best tweet possible, what would it look like?

I’m not sure I know what the best tweet looks like, but I definitely know what it doesn’t look like. I cringe when I see people in my Twitter stream who still type in all caps, or who put a link to a picture with no description. If you’re a marketer, and if you don’t have a lot of experience on Twitter, the information in the chart below could be valuable for your Twitter success.

This infographic called Tips & Tricks For A Perfect Tweet by NeoMobile attempts to dissect the perfect tweet into tiny chunks and explain what exactly is important to do or not to do when composing the best tweet.

One thing I see a lot of people do is put more than two hashtags in their tweets. If you’re using hashtags to be funny or sarcastic, it’s certainly fine to use three if you need to. However, if you’re a marketer, it’s considered spammy to use more than two. Not only that, but over-use of hashtags can make your tweet look downright unattractive.

Since my Twitter username is long, I know I need to leave 22 characters so there’s room for a retweet. It’s second nature now. People with shorter usernames don’t have to leave as much room in their tweets, but that’s usually the kind of thing you don’t figure out until after you’ve chosen a username.

If you want to make your links look better, you can use a link shortening service. However, if you’re just having fun and tweeting something quickly using the tweet button then it’s not always necessary to use a shortening service. Perhaps the best tweet is different depending on whether it’s for business or pleasure. My Twitter page has a little of everything, which is also an option of course. Good luck!

Tips For Creating The Best Tweet Possible

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