Want To Create Quality Content On TikTok? – Just Use FilmoraGo

Today every company, whether large or small, needs to improve communication with its customers, with the development of technology, video marketing becomes more and more important in the communication and online marketing departments of any company in recent years. The objective of video marketing is to draw the attention of users and potential buyers of a brand or service, focusing on promoting a brand, a service, or a product on social media.

Recently the most popular platform for video marketing is Tik Tok. Every day, various brands or individuals publish videos, promoting their products or services. Tik Tok is full of videos in which its users (they are called TikTokers) dance, make jokes, and create viral phenomena.

So if you are a marketer, presenting promotional videos on Tik Tok is a must. But what if you are a beginner on video content? Should you continue to rely on professional video editing services? Don’t you want to make videos yourself? With your own creativity? If you are an iPhone user then congratulations! You can create videos and edit them freely on your iPhone with the help of an application called FilmoraGo. This is a good video editor for iPhone created by Wondershare, a well-known company with a long experience in software development.

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FilmoraGo has many features, in this application you can do some basic video editing such as cutting, trimming, adding text, and music. In addition, there are different aspect ratios for you to choose from,  16: 9 for YouTube, 1: 1 for Instagram, and others.

How to use FilmoraGo for iPhone

  1. Open the FilmoraGo application and an initial screen will appear
  2. After that click “Create new video” and it will enter the selected file
  3. Select a video to edit
  4. If you have clicked “Add” on the video that was selected earlier, then click “next” and wait for the video import process
  5. 5. To add music you just click the “Music” menu
  6. 6. You can also add a transition/stickers/filters by clicking “Transition/Sticker/Filter”
  7. 7. Select “Ratio / Trim” to choose the video size
  8. 8. When finished, save the video and wait for the rendering process
  9. 9. Finally, you can share your video to Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and so on.

Why FilmoraGo?

  • It has multiple video transitions, effects, filters, etc.
  • You will find thousands of royalty music resources.
  • It provides Double Take and AR Camera (for iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and 12 series), which you can’t find in other apps.
  • PIP

By using the iOS video editor, video editing is no longer the monopoly of professional video editors and you don’t have to spend years on your editing course. With FilmoraGo and of course your iPhone, producing quality content for Tik Tok, IG Reels, and other social media is very easy. Are you interested? Have a nice try.

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