How To Create A Social Media Website In 3 Steps?

On 6th of August, exactly 26 years ago the World Wide Web became publicly available. Tim Berners – Lee the creator of the World Wide Web wasn’t aware that his creation will impact humanity to that extent that they cannot imagine their life without it. Thirteen years later at February 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, the social network site that completely revolutionized human communication, community sense, and self-expression.  Nowadays, social media it’s a place where everyone can express themselves freely and can connect with people from all around the world with just a single click. How to create a social media website? Is it worth it?

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According to Digital in 2017 Global overview report, there are 3.77 billion global internet users in 2017 or 50% penetration and 2.80 billion global social media users equaling 37% penetration.  In other words, almost half of the total world population are internet and active social media users.

The fascinating facts only prove that social media and internet will dominate the digital world for many years ahead. Social media offer features that are valuable and important to us.  The sense of community we get when we are social, the freedom of expression and the impact we can have on other people is something that users value nowadays.

Facebook was the first social media that changed the online world forever. A few networks emerged later that used specific standard Facebook features and build a community around it. For instance, Twitter the status community, Instagram the image community, LinkedIn social media for professionals and many others. We evolved so much that nowadays every company or person can have their own personal social media website.

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Users want to feel special and have that unique and personal experience all the time. There is no better way of providing user-centric experience to your customers than creating your own social media website. If in the past the process of creating social media was difficult today social network development is fast and easy.  Even though the process is getting easier still there are few tips and tricks you need to know before you start. We have compiled a list of 3 things you must do to create a social media website.

Step 1 – Start With A Social Media Website Plan

Strategy is defined as a high-level plan to achieve various goals under conditions of uncertainty.  This definition is on point and describes what truly strategy or in this case social media strategy represents Development of a high-level plan is a must if you want your social media website to be successful. The core of every quality strategy and plan is research. Your starting point must be research accompanied with other elements as well which you will work and implement later in the development of the plan. In practice, the development of your own social media strategy and plan should be made in accordance with your needs but still, there is a structure you must follow.

Elements that you must include in your plan are:

1. Situation Analysis

Start with an analysis of your position on the marketplace and your competitors. Find out more about the challenges the industry will face this year and how creating social media website will help you in solving your issues.  In this part, you can briefly describe your niche and later compare and analyze your progress.

2. Target Audience

Create marketing persona document where you will define all of the specifics of your target audience. Start with demographics (age, gender, status) continue with psychographics (preferences, interest, and likes) and end with creating a fictive person or a fictive persona user for your social media website.

3. Goals

Make a concise list of goals you would like to achieve with your community. By creating your own social media website, you can achieve better engagement, higher conversion rates, improve the retention rate and get in-depth knowledge about the preferences of your target audience.

4. Strategies And Tactics

This is the core of your plan because you will summarize everything and define your action plan. What type of content you will publish, what type of events you want to share, how you will engage with the users and the tone you will use on the network. Buffer has in-depth strategy tips and tricks you can use for strategy development. Each tactic must be manageable and doable on a daily basis and lead to one specific goal

Step 2 – Domain Name And Branding

Nowadays everything is about branding. People are most affected by catchy marketing and flashy titles. Before you start with building your own social media website think about your domain name. The brand architecture and marketing plan should always be in line with the name choice for the social media website.

Your domain name can be brandable or keyword specific. However, the most important thing is to be connected with your site name. Webhosting has the latest trends and success stories about the domain names which you can use for creation of the domain name for your social media website.

Step 3 – Choosing The Right Builder On The Market

[pullquote]Nowadays, you can create a social media website fast and easy.[/pullquote] On the market, there are few social media network builders that you can use for fast and efficient building experience. There is no need to have a technical background or arrange front-end specialist, you can do it all by yourself.

For instance, Ning offers customers the ability to create a social media website with a customized appearance; Besides basic functionality, like photos, videos, forum, and blogs, it has extra features:  Paid Access, Events, Audio, Polls, Broadcast messages, etc.

The best builder is the one that offers everything in one place so you wouldn’t need to integrate other elements from different platforms.  Do your research right that will answer your question on how to create a social media website and use the platform that fits your business needs the best.

Social Media Is The Future Of The Digital Marketing

Social media website can transform your business completely. Social communities are the future and by creating a social media website for your company you are investing in your engagement, conversion and retention performance. There is no better way to engage your customers and target audience then creating your own social media website. Social media is the future of the digital marketing.

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