How To Create An Unpublished Or Dark Post On Facebook

Facebook has an unlimited amount of potential if you know how to tap into it. One thing that has always been annoying is that if you have a Facebook brand page and you’re not sure whether a post is going to work or not, there was no way to test it out unless you tapped into the Facebook Ads API (made available  January, 2012). However, Facebook now has a feature called Dark Post (or Unpublished Post) that will allow you to do A/B testing on your future posts.

This opens up a whole array of different possibilities that could potentially increase your reach quite exponentially. By utilizing the Dark Post feature, you are basically allowing your fans to see your post on their newsfeed without posting it to your own timeline. This makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. Not only will you be able to test what your audience thinks of the post but you can also A/B test ads, pictures and of course posts incorporating regions, language and a whole range of other things.

The most complicated part of this feature is locating it within the Facebook interface. In order to guide you through this process, I have found a really straight forward and informative video tutorial about Facebook’s Dark Post feature created by Jon Loomer. It is a really compact and intuitive video that spans no longer than a little over 3 minutes. Once you’ve seen it, you should be able to use the Dark Post feature in a way that allows you to increase your reach on Facebook quite significantly.

I think most brands should utilize this feature before they send something out or even boost their posts or ads through Facebook’s many boosting opportunities. It makes a lot of sense for Facebook to add the Dark Post feature to the Facebook interface as it will add yet another valuable tool for brands to use. Question is of course what creativity we can all drum up with it. It’s all about being original on social networking sites these days, and this Dark Post tool is definitely going to help with that.

How To Create A Facebook Dark Post / Unpublished Post

How To Dark Post

How To Dark Post