Create Your Own QR Code Like Button For Facebook Fans To Scan

Social media is a big part of everyone’s life these days. People are spending more time on social networking sites than ever before. Of course, the most popular social networking platform is still Facebook. It surprises me how much time we spend on Facebook. People log in there to play social games and to get updated on what their friends are up to for the day or the weekend. Another reason people spend time on that site is to get recommendations on products, gadgets and services before purchasing them. Consumer behavior has shifted. Instead of just checking out products or brands via the company websites, more and more people are now checking them out on Facebook as well. Consumers want to check out what people are saying about the brands or their services.

If your business has a Facebook page, you of course want people to know that you exist on the social site. You can always add the url on your website, or make sure that you include your Facebook page url on your TV or print ads. However, for you restaurant and store owners who do not have a huge budget, but you still want your customers to get product and discount updates after they have left your store, why not create a poster like this with a QR code for them to simply scan with their smartphone? When they scan this code, it takes them directly to your Like page. This application below will help you create the poster easily. The site is called SpotLike. Just enter your Facebook url and click “print.” Viola, you now have a fun poster that you can display in-store or during events or trade shows that you participate in.

Spot Like Web Site

SpotLike Poster for Mistygirlph