Creating Perfect Marketing Pins For Pinterest [Infographic]

There’s no doubt Pinterest is a promotional platform to consider. So far, its extraordinary growth has been without comparison, and many people foresee Pinterest becoming one of the most powerful giants within social networking. It somewhat is already, but there are still things that the people behind it are tinkering with in order to perfect its performance and yield. As we all know, so far the platform has been a forum for sharings of fashion, food and inspirational quotes. However, slowly but surely, there is more content being submitted and shared through this visual social networking service. For business, it could have a profound impact on your reach, but it all depends on whether or not you know what you’re doing when it comes to creating perfect marketing pins.

The skills and knowledge necessary when creating perfect marketing pins aren’t always clear and easy to learn. The service is still too young to yield any good research about what really is the best way to go about creating these business pins and how to promote them. However, there are of course some people who have studied this, and one person in particular has prepared a really good infographic about it all. It is called Building The Perfect Marketing Pin For Pinterest, and it was created by Andrew MacCarthy.

These are 10 really well thought out tips on how you can optimize your pins for your business when you are creating perfect Pinterest pins. Along with what’s popular on Pinterest, you really need to make sure you have an interesting and engaging tag text for your pin as well. You want people to engage so other people know there is a value in your pin, which might encourage people to take the time to leave a comment.

On a service like Pinterest, the picture you use is of course 80% of the share. It’s what makes people look at it. Duh! Really cute pictures and tutorials seem to do really well on Pinterest. In the end, if it ain’t intriguing enough, it just won’t make much of an impact at all. This is the true secret behind creating perfect marketing business pins. Making an impact is what you should be aiming for. Use pictures that draw the user in. Andrew has a good track record when creating these kinds of infographics, and this one is as good as his previous ones.

Pinterest is definitely a social networking service to count on in the future. There is so much potential with Pinterest, and the future will return nothing less than increased influence when you use it. If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, you really need to hook yourself up with an account. Creating perfect marketing business pins is just half of the fun. Receiving feedback and response to your pins is not only fun but inspiring as well. Don’t miss out on the growth of Pinterest. As their features evolve, there will be even greater possibilities in every aspect.

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