Did You Know 4.0?

As in an early post by Diana 10 Signs: Change Is Happening in Your Life, the message was that the only true constant thing now is change.  The way we live then is very different in the way we live and do things now.  More importantly, the way we communicate and get all our information and connect has evolved so fast.  Media plays a big part in all of the changes.  Makes our world seem a little bit smaller.  No more boundaries in time and space.

Consumer behaviour is changing and the way marketers reach their audience must also change. Marketers are searching for new ways to not only reach their customers, but to understand them, to peer inside their minds. As the level of consumer understanding increases, so can the knowledge of how best to reach them. However the plethora of tools at a marketers disposal is not easy to navigate and real learning comes from a real understanding of the future of media convergence. – Media Convergence– The Economist

Media convergence is not just a technological shift or a technological process, it also includes shifts within the industrial, cultural, and social paradigms that encourage the consumer to seek out new information. Convergence, simply put, is how individual consumers interact with others on a social level and use various media platforms to create new experiences, new forms of media and content that connect us socially, and not just to other consumers, but to the corporate producers of media in ways that have not been as readily accessible in the past.

Media convergence requires companies operating within the scope of the media to rethink existing assumptions about media from the consumer’s point of view, as these assumptions affect both marketing and programming decisions. Media producers have to respond to these newly empowered consumers in today’s society to reinvent existing concepts to keep them up to date with emerging trends. Consumers these days do not just want to be on a one way transmission model where they simply receive information. They want to interact with it. They want to create it. They want to participate within it. Media convergence has allowed that to happen and as the proliferation of new communication technologies continues to occur, this trend is here to stay.