Dollar Value Of Social Media Shares & How It’s Changed [Infographic]

We all know social media is constantly changing and evolving, and one of the most interesting aspects of all that is how it affects the other things that impact the social media sites we use, and more specifically, our social media shares. For example, I remember about a year ago, when people considered Twitter marketing, their first thought was usually how to get their message out to as many people as possible on Twitter. That has since changed. Of course the number of people on Twitter who see the tweet is still important, but the focus of Twitter marketing has shifted to how to get the people who do see the tweet to click on the link. That has become more of a challenge as Twitter has evolved (you can read more about that on Twitter Marketing).

Then there is the issue of money and the value of a social media share, which has also changed as social media continues to evolve at a very fast pace. Back in December of 2011, I wrote an article called Twitter vs. Facebook: A Social Media Revenue Comparison. I read that article again today and compared it to this new information about the value of social media shares, and it was interesting to see how things have changed in just 11 short months.

Eventbrite recently completed their research about the value of a social media share today. They compiled their results in this infographic below called Social Media Drives Revenue. Many times when we see an infographic with these kinds of numbers, there are no sources to back up the information which makes it basically useless. Eventbrite is different though, they always provide comprehensive backup for their infographics, and this one in particular is very useful if you are gathering information on this topic. You can read the full report at Social Commerce: A Global Look At The Numbers.

A few notes: According to this, Facebook is still number one when it comes to driving dollars from social media shares; however, it appears that only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were included in this study. You’ll have to do further research to see where Pinterest falls into this equation. Also, when you look at the source report, you’ll see more details about how each social media share can be valued differently depending on which country it’s being shared in. I never thought about how people in different countries exhibit different behaviors with their social media shares, which in effect changes the value of those shares. I also read a great article about this infographic on CNBC that I thought I’d pass along in case you want to read more about it. I could write about this all day. It’s like social media psychology 101. Love it!

The Dollar Amount Associated With Your Social Media Shares

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Via: [Social Commerce Today]