How To Drive Sales And Promote Your Brand Using Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular and successful social media platforms in the past couple of years, it has over 800 million users who have uploaded over 40 billions of pictures and videos and this number continues to grow.

Many people have been using Instagram for commercial and business purposes and if you happen to be one of them then you should know how to build your followers quickly and increase your sales on Instagram. There have been so many other pages and things that will attract the audience even more, and the audience will always follow the things that attract them the most.

So here are some tips that will help you increase your sales and promote your Brand on the Instagram.

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Influencer Marketing

This is a perfect strategy that you can use to get more followers on Instagram, all you need to do is find a person with a large number of followers and hire them they will do marketing for you. E.g., if you hire an influencer, he will not only promote your products but also will help you grow your followers quickly. You can also create a special coupon or discount of his name or something for your affiliate marketer, and he will promote the coupon on his profile so that his followers will buy your products.


Ads always work well on the social media pages. People see your brand or products and try to find more about it if they find it attractive. Spending on ads has excellent possible returns depending on your plan and strategy that you are using. The more you advertise your brand, the more people will see it, and you will get more customers.

Hiring An Instagram Influencer

Hiring an influencer means your hire a local or international celebrity who has a large number of followers and ask him/her to endorse your brand and influence his follower to use your brands and buy your products. This is a proved great strategy for the Instagram that can help you getting more followers as well as boosting up your sales. These influencers have a lot of followers who blindly follow them, and they are easily convinced to buy your products. This can help you increase your sale rapidly.

Discounts And Giveaways

You can also use the FREE GIVEAWAYS on your Instagram because that never disappoints. You can offer some discount to your followers on Instagram, or you can add some extra stuff with a certain amount of purchases, or even you can do free shipping for your Instagram customers via a special coupon code. These things promote sales and drives followers to buy your products.

Post Customer Reviews

Good customers review is always the best ideas, you just have to post your satisfied and happy customers reviews, and opinion regarding your products and that will get more customers and more sales for you. You can simply repost the review or take screenshots of your customer feedback and post it on your Instagram profile.

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