Email Marketing Optimization For More Leads [Infographic]

As we have concluded before, email marketing is really the most effective way to get attention on whatever it is you are offering your subscribers, readers or visitors. There is also a big misconception out there that all email marketing should be considered spam. Even though there is a fine line between spam and actual email marketing sometimes, the line is quite clear. Unsolicited email marketing is a no no, and as long as you know that, you should be alright. So what can you do in order to improve the return on the emails you send to your subscribers? Well, there are quite a lot of statistics that will enhance that email marketing optimization you have been tailoring for your business. Just know that email marketing optimization doesn’t have to be hard.

By looking into these fresh statistics, we can derive some quite interesting information how people actually view your marketing emails. With this information, you can start planning your email marketing optimization campaign and hit your desired results with even more accuracy than before. Our usual habits, when it comes to email marketing optimization, are all about trial and error. By tweaking what we’ve done based on trail and error, we are able to change, refine and perfect the things we might be failing at. It has been one of the most important aspects for how a marketer can make his or her email marketing optimization better and better.

However, recently there have been plenty of statistics and guides published on the Internet which we can use to make that job even less time consuming. It’s a job that has not only been frustrating at times, but also an insane time sink. You want to reach your subscribers with your information and then have them act upon it. That is not always the easiest of things to accomplish.

An information packed infographic from Litmus called Have Our Email Viewing Habits Changed? is one of the most comprehensive email marketing optimization infographics I think I have seen in 2012. Usually that information is scattered all across the Internet, but this has it all jammed in one place for your viewing pleasure. Dive into these statistics and make the necessary changes to your email marketing campaign, and you will definitely see some great results. This information is vital for any email marketing optimization. If you have the data, it’s easy to make the change. As I always say, -“If the change makes it easier, it’s easy to make the change.

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