Facebook Action Shortcuts For All Major Browsers [Cheat Sheet]

I don’t think anyone can say that Facebook doesn’t matter in our society. Everything around it seems to be affecting everyone these days. I mean, if it wasn’t for Facebook, how would we be able to keep in touch with all the people that we love and cherish? Sure, there are other social networking sites, I agree, but there is not one single social network that has as many users as Facebook. Maybe that’s why learning how to optimize your use of Facebook with the help of Facebook action shortcuts is such a great idea.

Not only will learning these Facebook shortcuts be of great use, but they will also make sure that you speed things up considerably. If you know the shortcuts to create a new message, respond to a friend request or any of the other Facebook action shortcuts, you could become a ninja when you’re using Facebook. Not only that, but with everyone saying Facebook is such a “waste” of time, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just speed things up a little and get a “little” bit more time for actual real life interaction? I would surely think so.

I have always thought the more shortcuts you know, the more effective you will be when trying to optimize your online time (and of course your offline time depending on what software you are using). If you think the same, this Facebook action shortcut cheat sheet will come in mighty handy. This cheat sheet was created by SocialBakers and is called Facebook Shortcuts (DUH!). It covers the three most popular web browsers for both Mac OS X as well as Windows. Now that should make it quite easy to get to know your shortcuts, don’t you agree?

All you really have to do is first pick your operating system and then pick the column that references the browser you use the most. Then after that comes the hard part – memorizing the shortcuts so you don’t need this cheat sheet open all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we love having you here on Bit Rebels ALL the time, but we understand people sometimes have better things to do than scour our website for awesomeness. Now get learning and become a Facebook action shortcuts ninja!

SocialBakers’ Facebook Action Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

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Header Image: [Social Media Tips]