Facebook in Real Life

What a wonderful world social networking really is. We can hide behind whatever we want and the ways we connect is just growing by the day. Weird ways to connect just doesn’t seem to affect us at all. For example…Facebook’s “Poke”. What is that about?? I mean, alright you want someones attention and therefor poke them. But would you really do that in reality? Maybe if you knew the person really well but not if you don’t, right? Sometimes it feels like we’re inventing new ways to connect because otherwise we wouldn’t dear to.

For example, the new video commenting feature we have here at Bit Rebels now. Why are people so scared to use it? Well, it seems we like to hide behind our screen name and we pretty much do anything to keep it that way. So, the question really is if we will ever be able to evolve the way social networking is set up today. Social media today is all about connecting by text…really it is.

But, and that’s a big but…and not the one you might think of. What if Facebook’s features was for real. What if we actually did what we can do on Facebook without being embarrassed by the consequences. Well, that day will never come as we are all different and it will take a loooong time for it to change and for people to start thinking of it as the norm. However, if we could fast forward into the future where things really would be all about connecting through video commenting and/or even live through a short message service through video. What would it be like?

Until someone really put some braincells into this I guess we will just have to imagine it. But, there is someone who tried to visualize it and that’s “Idiots of Ants“. This is how Facebook would be in real life. Is this how we want it to be? I guess not…then why are we inventing features like “Poke” for example. Ha Ha. Enjoy!