Fitness On Social Media – Creative Post Ideas That Grabs People’s Attention

Social media has been embedded into our daily lives keeping people glued to their screens and affecting our emotional and physical health. However, social media can be a positive thing – it provides instant access to coaches and trainers, tracks calories and offers instant information for any questions.

Social media offers people a number of possibilities to get the perfect path for our fitness and wellness journeys. As an owner of a fitness franchise in the USA, you should be utilizing this rising trend to make sure your studio is always the go-to for those looking to improve their lifestyle.

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Creative Post Ideas To Get You To the Top

Do you have a social media strategy for your fitness studio? F45 asked us to find a few creative ideas to help you provide more value to your customers when posting on your fitness
studio’s social media accounts.

1. Slimdown Promotions

This promotion is perfect for individuals who are looking to get into shape for the hot summer season. January is the month with the greatest motivation for such a social media promotion. For a fitness studio, this kind of post would do well on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. Special Offer On Your Studio’s Anniversary

Having a special offer on the date of your studio’s anniversary will surely put a smile on your members face. However, the focus does not end there; you can also use this time to attract those who are not members. Simply put you can run a promotion for a handful of non-members in order for them to get a one-on-one interaction with your studio.

3. Free Training Day

Linking your fitness studio website with your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram gives non-members an easy way to sign in and is sure to see your member base grow. To attract even more non-members, you can include a free training session with a personal trainer for all first-time members joining through social media.

4. A Pass For Check-ins

The first step to solidifying your fitness studio’s social media presence is consistency in all your posts. People are glued to their gadgets, and all successful businesses are taking advantage of this. Create a post offering a free pass to those checking in on your preferred social media platform, and you will see your studio expand.

5. Weight Loss Challenge

This is a common, yet effective challenge, as it brings members together to shed off extra weight. Whether your promotion requires people to work in groups or as individuals, this will stir a conversation on all social media platforms, earning you some new members and getting your current members in top shape.

6. Answer Questions

As a fitness studio, you will always have people who need a little more convincing in order to sign up. It is important to always be on the lookout for a post which may need your professional advice. Whether the questions are about supplements or training schedules, you can always promote your studio during the conversation to attract the person looking in.

7. Feature A Gym Member

You should always be appreciative of your current gym members. Posting about some of your gym members on your social sites will make them feel special and act as efficient brand ambassadors.

Social media marketing for your fitness studio is more than just spamming members with advertisements of muscular and fit people. Social media is a comfort zone for many people, and communicating the correct message to the right audience will allow you to gain more members with every post.

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