Flickr Gets a Makeover and Becomes More Social!

I love Flickr. I’m on that site every single day. Can you believe it’s been around for six years? I’m a huge photography fan, and some of the billions of photos captured on that site are absolutely mind-boggling. I can truly appreciate the work of those very talented photographers.

If you are also a fan of the site, you know that they’ve had a new photo page in public review (over 800,000 members) since June. After many discussions, suggestions, studies, surveys, feedbacks, etc… I’m happy to say that as of yesterday, that new page is available to all of the Flickrverse!

To read about all the detailed changes, I’ll direct you to the Flickr blog. In a nutshell, the photos are 28% larger and the display is way better. The overall site is much faster, which is a change I noticed right away. Also, the “New and redesigned features improve browsing, discovery and communication with members about their photos on Flickr.” Wow, I’m really excited about this!