Geek Lady Gaga Visits Google And Twitter

I’ve always known Lady Gaga was a geek. You don’t have to watch too many of her music videos to pick up on her geek-infused way of doing things. Last August, Geek Sugar published an article about Lady Gaga going to geek camp. About two weeks after that, she showed up at the Apple headquarters, further cementing her geek status.

Earlier this week, she visited Google where she was given a warm welcome. She sat down for a very interesting interview where she answered questions from fans about her life and her music while Google employees watched from the audience.

On the same day, Lady Gaga also visited Twitter headquarters, where she was interviewed by @ev. In the Google interview, Lady Gaga explains that she got her start using web media as a way to get her music out to people and to connect with her fans. As a result, she is on Google’s 2009 and 2010 list of “fastest rising searches.” She is also the most downloaded artist in history with over 20 million single downloads. And, of course, she is the queen of Twitter and YouTube. This is a long interview, but even if you only watch it for five or ten minutes, it’s worth it. She is a talented woman and gives many profound answers to the questions she was asked. One question was, “Who is Stefani?” (that is her real name) She replied, “This is me. Gaga is just a nickname.

Lady Gaga Visits Google Twitter

Via: [Venture Beat]