Get the Ultimate Power to Hike and Tweet!

As most of you know, our beloved @paul_steele is famous on Twitter for his hiking and tweeting. He tweets the most incredible pictures from the tops of mountains and across huge grassy landscapes where he journeys during the week.

After spending 16 years in the army, Paul now enjoys his two loves, hiking and Twitter. He blogs about his experiences on his new blog, Bald Hiker. One question I had for Paul was, “How do you keep your iPhone charged enough to tweet for so many days when you are on your trips in the mountains?” Of course, he had an answer. I hope you enjoy this guest post from the man himself. Thanks Paul!

From the desk of @paul_steele:

Those that know me on Twitter are very aware that I tweet and hike at the same time. Many a mountain has seen me stumble up it with a rucksack on my back and an iPhone in my hand. If I’m away camping and hiking for days at a time, how do I keep the juice flowing to my device? Well, I always pack my Power Monkey Explorer Solar Charger. It’s my life support to the outside world when I’m in the wilderness. It’s designed with outdoor pursuits in mind, and this little gadget will help ensure your communications are always topped up. It comes in three light and simple parts, each made with robust plastic: The solar panel, the power pack and the charging adapter.

The solar panel attaches to your rucksack/backpack strap. It opens and closes for simple use.

The power pack is where everything flows. Attach it to the solar panel and hide it in one of your bag pockets. As you hike, climb or even sit in the park, the pack is filling with charge.

And lastly, there is the charging adapter. When you need power, all you have to do is attach it to the pack. It comes with adapters for most phone, camera or other devices so you can even help friends in need!

You can also use the normal (in wall) adaptor to give the pack a full charge before you go out the door on a trip. I have found that 6 hours of hiking in daylight charges the pack to a third, and guess what? That is how much is needed to fully charge an iPhone. Perfect!