Go! Discover and Share!

There is a cool application that I have downloaded on my iPhone recently where it lets me discover places, check in to the place and also share to my friends on Twitter or Face Book!  The application is called Gowalla! Gowalla is a location-based social networking game created by Alamofire. At the start of December 2009 it was reported that Gowalla had raised $8.4 million in a round of venture capital funding led by Greylock Partners.

The tool uses GPS to tell you the location of hot spots near your area.  From restaurants, to coffee shops, to famous landmarks near where you are located at the moment you start the app.

You can check in to the venue that you are located and tell people what you are doing! If the place is not yet on the directory, you can actually place the location by typing it in and categorize it and you are also given the chance to place in other info about the place that you have discovered!

Plus you can also stamp your passport and earn rewards.  What I love about the tool is that it tells me exactly the location of the areas nearby that I can visit.  Download Application Here for iPhone and Here for Android!   So if you decide to download, go, discover and share!!