Google+ vs. Facebook: Who’s Winning The Battle? [Video]

Anyone who has been around long enough to see Facebook wrap their arms around the world knew that once Google announced Google+, there would be a giant battle about to happen. It wasn’t long ago that Google tried to grab new ground with their Google Wave online platform, but that one did not really work out. As a matter of fact, after a quite strong start, the bugs started to show themselves and the platform quickly went belly up. Whether that was due to the many users using the service at once or just poor programming, we will probably never know. One thing is for sure, and that is that Google really wants to enter the social networking scene.

Personally, I think it will be quite a while before any new social networking platform will be strong enough to match up to the power of Facebook. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying, right? The statistics show that the chance of success is probably the strongest for Google since they are already servicing billions of users each year with their many different platforms, search being their strongest one of course.

Column Five is one of the most notorious infographic producers out there, and every time you see a new infographic from them, you know it is going to be good. They are sometimes short, but they keep the most necessary information right at the focal point, which is really what we want. Small bursts of information are perfect for fast moving social networking people, so this new video should be quite interesting. Who is really winning the battle and who are the odds favoring, Google+ or Facebook? Make up your own mind by having a look at this infographic video.

Google Plus Vs Facebook Infographic