Growthoid Reviews – Does Growthoid Actually Grow Your Organic Followers?

With so many companies promising Instagram growth available, it’s easy to be skeptical about which ones are going to deliver on their promises. After all, we spend a lot of time making sure that our Instagram followers are valuable and will actually provide engagement and perhaps even conversion from follower to client or subscriber.

Across all industries and niches, building your follower count with real followers who are interested in your content is the goal, but what’s the best way to achieve this? It can be extremely time-consuming work, and doing it on our own can cause us to take valuable time away from producing the content necessary to keep engagement and interest piqued.

So, if you’re looking at finding a tool to support your Instagram growth, how do you choose?

We took a look at the latest organic growth service for Instagram– Growthoid to see how it works, what they offer, and how reliable the results actually are. Here we’ll take a look at these elements and discuss the features and benefits of using an organic growth service for Instagram potential.

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Growthoid Review – Who Are They?

Right on the landing page, Growthoid promises no spam accounts, no fake followers, and no bots. They are a dedicated organic follower service that builds your account based on your unique targets.

Growthoid works just as they say– without automation or bots. Why is this important? Instagram has very strict policies on using bots and automation to grow your account. If you pass the engagement threshold, your account can be flagged, and even shadowbanned.

Obviously, this is a really undesired result, and the complete opposite of what users are looking for when contracting a growth service. Since Growthoid does everything by hand, this concern is avoided, and you’ll get the followers that actually care about your content.

Features Of Growthoid

There are some notable features of Growthoid that set them apart from other “get-popular-fast” growth services out there. Some of the features include:

  • A dedicated account manager. This is the one that we were most satisfied with. Nothing is worse than needed help or targeting adjustments, writing to customer service, and seeing absolutely nothing change. With Growthoid, the account manager is dedicated specifically to your account, so anytime you need to adjust anything or inquire about something, they are there to help you. This is one of the biggest benefits that we saw in Growthoid.
  • No bots or automation. As we said, bots and automation are frowned upon by Instagram, and usually pull more fake followers or inactive accounts than growing your followers organically. Since Growthoid takes your account literally into their own hands and does things manually, the follower quality really was much better than the standard bot or automated service.
  • Bulk packages. We don’t manage multiple accounts, but for users out there who do, they offer package deals for multiple account growth. This is a big plus for managers who need to grow multiple accounts at once.
  • Growthoid is confident in their services, and actually offers a 14 day money back guarantee. This gives extra peace of mind and makes using their service even more comfortable when just starting out.
  • Safe. Growing organic followers by hand is much safer than other services, and having a dedicated account manager also ensures that your account is protected.
  • Targeted growth. The account managers don’t just look for any followers out there to increase your numbers; they look for users that fall within the parameters of your targets. This is super important because without valuable followers, you’re unlikely to grow your reach, increase engagement, or increase conversion (for sales or subscriptions).

Overall, the features of Growthoid were very attractive in comparison to other services on the market. We were very impressed with the professionalism and the dedication of our account manager and felt that they really did care about the results and the targeting instructions that we gave.

Why Does Follow Quality Matter?

With other growth services, we’ve seen a lot of sketchy practices such as asking for targets and then delivering followers that are completely opposite of the targeting instructions. This is not only negative in the sense that you aren’t going to get more engagement, it can also make your account look compromised or even less authentic.

Another issue with gaining followers in number but with low value is that your engagement can drop. The most important thing nowadays is not only to have a healthy follower count, but an engagement rate that supports the follower count.

For example, if you have 15k followers but get about 10 likes per photo, it’s clear that something isn’t right. Brand partners and potential sponsors will not consider accounts like this for collaboration, and your followers will start to be wary of your profile and trustworthiness.

It’s much better, then, to have a lower follower count, let’s say 8k, but have a high engagement rate. The most important thing is that the people viewing your account engage with your content; if your content calls your followers to action, it’s likely that you will be able to increase your following with both the growth service as well as follower reference and shares.

Review Conclusion

All in all, we definitely recommend Growthoid. They can work within any niche, which is perfect, even if you think your niche is a bit off the wall.

They have a dedicated account manager for your account who grows your organic followers by hand according to the target instructions that you provide them. They’re happy to collaborate with you and adjust targets when you would like.

We felt that our account was in good hands, and they were very transparent and communicative with us. The service seems very simple and straightforward, and that’s the good thing– what you see is what you get.

It’s good to be skeptical when choosing an Instagram growth service, as many companies out there offer one thing and deliver another. Growthoid is the real deal, and we’re happy that we tried it and will continue to grow our account with them.

If you are interested in even more social media-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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